Nebraska APCO/NENA Chapter

The object of this chapter shall be to assist in the fulfillment mission by:

Leading in the development, availability, implementation, and enhancement of a universal emergency telephone number common to all jurisdictions through research, planning, training, and education.

Foster the development and the progress of the art of public safety communications by means of research, planning, training, and education; promote cooperation between towns, cities, counties, state, tribal, private, and federal public safety agencies and policy making bodies as may be appropriate, and through its efforts strive towards the end that the safety of human life, the protection of property, and the civic welfare are benefited to the utmost degree.

Enabling all citizens to have immediate access to emergency public safety services.

Aiding and assisting in the timely collection and dissemination of information relating to a universal emergency telephone number and public safety communications.

Executive Committee Members

From Left to Right:  Amy Meier, Executive Council; Kimberly Kuszak, 1st Vice President;

Marilyn Gable, Treasurer; Sheriff Neil Miller, President; Sharon Codr, Immediate Past President;

Jordon Dick, 2nd Vice President; Not pictured: Stacen Gross, Commercial Advisory Member